Monday, June 17, 2013

Is it physically possible to be shaped like Barbie?

Good question.  According to a Daily News report in April, not only is it anatomically impossible, but Barbie would not be able to walk upright.  It would be a 1 in thousands chance to find a women with just one of her incredible dimensions. 

On the other hand the average weight of a women in America today is 165 pounds.  Which sounds ok until you factor in height.  This is how different 165 pounds can look on us. 

Many different factors come in to the way we look at a certain weight.  Whether it is height, build or body type, each can have a factor on how you look at a certain weight.  Only you can determine if it looks good on you and know what you should be for your height.  But Barbie is not a realistic goal.

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